Maintenance of most industrial applications is carried out three ways:

[1]  Predictive Maintenance

[2]  Scheduled Maintenance

[3]  Reactive Maintenance

The first 2 usually result in a bearing changeout that requires new bearings and analysis of the old ones to identify irregularities in bearings, shafts, housings, load zones, ect.

Reactive maintenance or premature failure costs industrial customers large amounts of money in lost production, downtime, and non-planned shut downs the failures need to be identified so they don’t happen again, this requires a level of expertise to identify the failure and remedy the problem so it does not happen again . . . and this is exactly the specialised, personalised service BearingTech offers their clients.

We can assist you with all types of industrial equipment including:

• Electric Motors
• Pumps (vertical, vacuum, slurry)
• Gearboxes
• Longwall
• Dragline
• Controlled Start Transmissions
• Conveyors
• Crushers
• Vibrating Screens